Memorial Day Weekend Is The Deadliest Time To Travel

Memorial Day, the most somber of all holidays and the first holiday of the summer, is actually the most dangerous holiday to drive according to the NHTSA. Drivers may become frustrated with a surge in traffic due to an increase in summer travel, road construction, the heat, and subsequently will drive more aggressively.

Memorial Day has 76 more fatal crashes than the average four-day period and 21% more than the average holiday.

Traffic spikes, partying, and drunk driving all contribute to the rise in fatalities during this holiday. Car crashes are 4x more likely on Memorial Day weekend. 37% of fatal crashes involve a drunk driver and 52% of traffic deaths occur when someone isn’t wearing a seat belt. 12 red lights are run through every second during the weekend.

Here are some helpful tips if you have to be on the road this weekend:

  • If you plan to drink, make plans to have a designated driver or a place to stay until you are sober.
  • Pay attention to other motorists driving behavior and anticipate driving errors.
  • Keep extra distance between your vehicle and others whenever possible.
  • Plan your route, stay in the right lane, and avoid speeding.

If you find yourself in an accident with a drunk driver this weekend, call our office at 972-833-8000. We can get you into treatment by the next day or sooner.

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