Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare Passenger Claims

Who is liable in an Uber or Lyft accident?

If the rideshare driver of the vehicle you are traveling in caused the accident, the driver is typically liable for damages. This means that you, as a passenger, have a potential rideshare injury claim against the driver.

If another motorist caused the accident, that motorist would be liable for damages. You would be able to make a potential claim against that driver and you may still be afforded coverage under your driver’s rideshare policy.

Rideshare Driver Claims

As a driver, could I have an injury claim?

Absolutely! As long as you did not cause the accident, you have the same options available to you as your passengers would.

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    Did you know...

    Rideshare drivers should have a personal insurance policy for their vehicles that meets minimum liability requirements as outlined by state law.

    If for whatever reason the driver’s personal policy does not apply, Uber and Lyft maintain additional insurance coverage for rideshare drivers in case of a covered accident while they are picking up passengers and during trips.

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