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Accident Injury?
Get Compensated For Medical Bills, Lost Wages, Pain & Suffering And More!

More Than $100 Million In
Settlements Won For Our Clients!

Free In-Depth

No Obligation Case Evaluation

    No gimmicks. Just results.

    We could spend tons of money on a Super Bowl commercial or set fire to some trucks.

    Honestly - we would rather focus on the things that really matter - our clients. So, we spent money on hiring great employees instead.

    Our approach is simple, yet, extremely thorough.

    1. You won't have a case without medical care for your injuries. We help you seek medical treatment with no up-front costs or deductibles. 
    2. We investigate the facts to obtain a favorable settlement and liability decision. We manage your case from beginning to end, including filing claims, obtaining police reports, body cam footage if applicable, 911-calls, and more. 
    3. Insurance companies know that most claimants are not trained negotiators. We demand the policy limits and negotiate your damages. We also negotiate your medical bills so you get more money in your pocket!
    Medical treatment
    Our team understands how injuries and medical bills affect the lives of our clients. Let us help you navigate the process from start to finish.
    Insurance Claims
    Insurance companies are not on your side. Which is why you need a personal injury attorney who is invested in your physical and financial recovery.
    Proven Results
    We’ve settled thousands of cases and know what it takes to ensure you’re treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve.

    Accident Injury Attorneys

    Stanley and Associates has over 20 years of combined experience fighting for our clients. We understand the many issues our clients face after a serious injury has disrupted their lives.

    You have questions about medical costs, insurance claims, attorney fees, and damages. We have answers to those questions and more. 

    $0 Up-front costs. Seriously.

    You're probably thinking, "aren't attorneys expensive?" In many cases, you wouldn't be wrong.

    Like many injury attorneys, we work on a contingency-fee basis. Our attorney fees and expenses are only paid if we win your case. If we don't win, you don't pay.

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    Reviews From Our Clients

    Kay S.
    Previous Client

    Stanley and Associates were absolutely Amazing! They were professional and very diligent in handling my case. They were there for me 24/7 – always – always returned my calls and kept me in the loop of what was going on.

    Amanda Hankins paralegal and Attorney Jacob were heaven sent! I would strongly recommend this law firm!

    Jada C.
    Previous Client

    Thank you to everyone at Stanley & Associates! I’ve never had to deal with the type of situation I was in, and I did not know where to go. Biggest thanks to Amanda for answering all questions and concerns. Thank you to Jake as well for keeping me updated with phone calls!

    Helen R.
    Previous Client

    Stanley & Associates, from day one has been very caring, responsive, professional and supportive to my needs. Amanda Hankins, Jacob and others felt my pain and immediately attended to my need expeditiously working with my doctors, insurance company and their own experts to make sure I was whole again.

    Get Your Free Case Review

    Note: An attorney-client relationship is not formed when calling the number on this site or filling out a form. By submitting your information, you are not entering into a contract with Stanley & Associates, or its attorneys, nor does the firm promise to accept  your case or guarantee any results as it pertains to the outcome of your case.
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