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March 24, 2022
Waves of Illegal Street Racing throughout the United States

During the beginning of the 2020 COVID Pandemic, street racers took advantage of the seemingly quiet streets causing a noticeable increase of illegal street racing and street takeovers. To many residents, government officials, and law enforcement, they are more than just a nuisance - they are a threat to public safety.

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March 18, 2022
Tragic crash involving 13-year-old, killing 9 people and critically injuring 2

(CNN) - Nine people -- including six student athletes and their coach -- were killed in a fiery crash between a pickup truck and a van carrying members of the University of the Southwest's men's and women's golf teams, officials said Wednesday. The crash happened around 8:17 p.m. Tuesday just outside Andrews, Texas, the Texas […]

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February 16, 2022
3 Big Factors that Affect Your Personal Injury Case!

Not seeking medical treatment is one of the major arguments used by insurance companies to deny paying a claim or to severely reduce its value. Find out how Stanley & Associates can help you with your claim.

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August 12, 2021
Do you know what a personal injury attorney is?

Many Texans don't even think about involving a personal injury attorney until it is too late. Find out what they do and why they are needed.

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August 2, 2021
I was just hit in a car wreck!

Many people make costly mistakes after they've just been hit in a car wreck. A little bit of research today can prepare you for the worst-case scenario.

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July 30, 2021
Jury duty. Everybody's favorite thing to do!

If you receive a summons for jury duty, prepare to make tough and informed decisions. Learn more about trials in a personal injury case.

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July 27, 2021
Can you hurt your brain in a car wreck?

When you think of car accidents, whiplash is the most common injury that comes to mind. But what about a traumatic brain injury?

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July 22, 2021
Do you know what kind of car insurance you have?

The last thing you want to do is suffer through your injuries if you've been hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

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