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    Nikki Marie

    Jade Le help me through my case. She made it easy for me and responded very quickly to my questions. I really do appreciate what this staff has done for me.

    Tiffany Richardson

    Alexia has been a gem this entire time! Her number one concern has always been my family. Thank you so much for not only taking our case, but actually caring. Highly recommended. If God forbid we're ever in another wreck, we'll definitely be using Stanley and associate s (Alexia) again! Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Richardson-Crump's

    Jade Brooks

    Alexia has been handling my case and I have nothing but good things to say about her and the law firm. Alexia gives me updates without asking she is on top of everything. I’m very happy I choose Stanley and associates will definitely recommending this firm.

    Don Sheph

    Stanley & Associates operates with professionalism and true care. they made sure I get the help I need with these legal robbers you know of as insurance companies. Even when your not at fault your at fault to these insurance companies, and instead of over-charging folks for they're knowledge as firm as these other "big name" firms you hear of on the radio. I HIGHLY recommend this firm. ask for Alexia, i'am sure everyone knows they're stuff but I personally recommend her for her ability to break down the process for others whose less "Lawfully" intellect. -Donald

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